419D Laser Distance Meter, II Class, 80m Range, +/-1mm Accuracy Laser Distance Meters

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The Fluke 419D professional-grade laser distance meter extends your reach to 80 meters (260 feet) with even greater accuracy. It saves you time and reduces errors with enhanced features like storage for 20 complete displays and a tripod mode for stable, long-distance measurements. Measure up to 80 m (260 ft). Higher accuracy: /-1 mm (0.04 in). View more data with backlit, three-line display. Full Pythagoras function for height measurements. Storage of 20 complete displays for quick recall. Audible keypad feedback. Minimum/Maximum function. Tripod mode for mounting meter on a tripod when measuring long distances. Stake Out feature helps you mark out defined lengths such as when constructing wooden frames. Automated End-piece Correction for measuring from an edge or corner --a built-in sensor detects the position of this bracket and automatically changes the reference point. Enhanced environmental protection:IP54-rated as dust and water spray resistant. Improved battery life of 5000 measurements with auto laser off and auto power off features. Typical measuring tolerance[1]- /- 1.0 mm[3]. Maximum measuring tolerance[2]- /- 2.0mm[3]. Range at Leica target plate GZM26- 80m/260'. Typical range[1]- 80m/260'. Range at unfavorable condition[4]- 60m/195'. Smallest unit displayed- 1mm/1/32". Laser class II. Laser type - 635 nm, <1 mW. Protection class - IP54. Battery life - up to 5,000 measurements.

Lazer Class-II;Laser Type-635nm,<1mW
Instantly measures up to 80m (260ft.)
Simple one-button operation instantly measures distance between two objects
The Stake Out feature allows you to mark defined lengths as in wooden from construction
Correction sensor will detect the position of a bracket and change the reference point automatically
Tripod mode makes long distance measurements a breeze when mounting to a tripod

419D Laser Distance Meter, II Class, 80m Range, +/-1mm Accuracy 419D Laser Distance Meter, II Class, 80m Range, +/-1mm Accuracy 419D Laser Distance Meter, II Class, 80m Range, +/-1mm Accuracy 419D Laser Distance Meter, II Class, 80m Range, +/-1mm Accuracy 419D Laser Distance Meter, II Class, 80m Range, +/-1mm Accuracy

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